Greater Houston Women's March

a voice for all marchers in our region

Houston Women's March seeks to unite voices from all over the Greater Houston region. We've created the map below to compile information on meet-ups and gatherings for groups who are closer to your home and aligned with the 2018 Houston Women's March.

We are also looking for County Leaders who will help organize meet-ups in counties across the region, and as many as possible. If you are interested in serving as a County Leader or would like to submit a meet-up/gathering tied to the 2018 Houston Women's March:



We've marched together, now let's vote together! Join one of our "Power to the Primaries" Marches this Saturday, Feb 24, the only weekend day that's part of early voting in Texas. 

Check this map for marches in your neighborhood. If you would like to lead a mini-March this Saturday, Feb. 24, you will: 

  • Identify which polling location you want to march towards for early voting. Here are the locations for Harris County. If you're in another County, please search for your county's early voting locations. 
  • Identify where you want to march from: We recommend an accessible walk of less than a mile on sidewalks.
  • Which time - example meet at 9 am (or 12 noon or 7:00 am) and start marching 30 minutes later. 
  • Do you want to combine the voting with something else (coffee or brunch or registering voters…?) 
  • EASY-PEASY: It's okay to make this a simple walk to the polls, where you say you will walk from Point A to Point B, and anyone who wants to join you is welcome! 

Next steps: If you're able to lead a Neighborhood Mini-March, sign up via this link - it is fast and easy to sign up.We will put you on the map on our website and we'll include your meet-up location in an email to our Marchers. As Marchers start responding, we will forward you their contact information. You would then arrange any last minute details with them. 

We'll provide a "cheat sheet" of guidelines for you and your group, with tips and recommendations to help you enjoy a good experience, including recommendations about posting on social media, reaching out to your neighbors, and inviting people to go with you to cast primary votes during early voting. 

What if you want to join a Power to the Primaries March on Feb. 24, but this isn't the right time for you to lead it? Register at this link, and we'll connect you to a leader in your area. Thanks for marching with us! 

Your Houston Women's March Team