The use of public transit is highly encouraged due to limited parking in the area.

View bus to march map in Google Maps

In this map we've suggested the bus lines that stop closest to our march starting point at The Water Works at Buffalo Bayou Park.

However, you may find a better route depending on your starting location and your willingness to walk further and start your trip earlier using the tools below.

Getting Started

Download the following apps:

Google Maps (iPhone // Android): To plan your route and estimate arrival and departure time.

METRO Trip App (iPhone // Android): To get detailed information when you are near a bus stop and also for trip planning.

Instructional TRIP App Videos

iOS Videos | Android Videos

QTicketing App (iPhone // Android): To purchase your fare.

Cash/coins are also accepted on METRO buses. The fare is $1.25 cash one way via the app or on the bus. The fare is $3 for a day pass for both the bus and light rail system.


Ask a question or get help planning your route

We will answer as many submissions as possible, but the tools above, particularly Google Maps will be very useful to you. We will be able to best assist you via text.

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Where are you coming from? Are you going to the march or just the rally? Will you be taking transit the whole way?