Thank You To Our 2018 Candidate Supporters!

Thank you to the candidates who signed the values statement and contributed to the March. Thank you for supporting women in Texas!

As a non-partisan non-profit organization, we do not endorse candidates. The 2018 March was a platform for everyday voices speaking about issues. Local elected officials joined the March and introduced grassroots constituents from their districts. Candidates were invited to March with Houston women, were given opportunities to sign our values statement, and some candidates even showed their support by donating to the March to help offset expenses.

  • Adrian Garcia,  County Commissioner Pct.2
  • Armen "Hammer" Merjanian, Judge, County Criminal Court-at-Law No.5
  • Dr. Jason Westin, U. S. Representative District 7
  • Julie Countiss, Justice, 1st Court of Appeals District, Place 7
  • Letitia Plummer, U. S. Representative District 22
  • Lizzie Pannill Fletcher, U. S. Representative District 7
  • Madeline K. Eden, U. S. Representative District 10
  • Rita Lucido, State Senator, District 17
  • Senfronia Thompson, State Representative District 141
  • Steve Brown, U. S. Representative District 22
  • Tahir Javed, U. S. Representative District 29
  • Tonya Jones, Judge, County Criminal Court-at-Law No.15
  • "DC" Caldwell, Justice of the Peace Pct.7 Place.2